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The theory and practice by interacting with horses showed me so clearly and truly where to take action! I wished that everyone get the chance to profit from this experience.

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Business: horse encounter instead of powerpoint presentation

Brave. Strong. Enthusiastic.

Through Leadership Seminars with Horses

Professional expertise is one thing. And successful people win through emotional intelligence and authentic appearance. Does your leadership style assert your partners, customers, colleagues?  Ask the horse and be aware. It recognises appearance and reality and teaches to lead naturally. In the middle of the purity of the Engadin. This awakes joy and confidence in a jungle of appointment stress and the next conclusion of a deal.

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In the seminar ‘Business’ leadership becomes a success mediator

  • Strengthen your attitude based on positive, progressive and natural principles.
  • Learn to define the balancing act between work and leisure in a sustainable way.
  • Model your personal added value for your life with an imaginative, attractive inner strength.
  • Treat yourself with a personal time-out and benefit from an animalistic change of perspective for your mental, emotional and physical health preservation.
  • Build your team – for companies and enterprises who would like to experience how horses challenge and boost our leadership qualities.

Dates Business - Seminars

(Dates will follow)

Use what horses can give you for your professional everyday life. A glance into the mirror shows how much leadership-POWER is in you. Horses don’t mince one’s words, they grasp our emotions and mindset within 10 seconds and see who we really are. A fascinating encounter is waiting for you. Boost your self-confidence, recognise your negative pattern and convert it into a positive one. Where do you stand, where would you like to go and how do you get there? We accompany you.

Dates Business - topic days

(Dates will follow)

What is on your mind now? What did you start for? What drives you to reach your next goal?

Business topic days consist of focus, value-based decisions and efficient action.
Develop your strategy, your plan for your next topic. Step by step. Topic days bring clarity and fun on the realisation. Through inclusion of horses your success will not take long to come because they demand us to take action.


Groups 4 – 6 people, 690.- CHF/pers./2 days, (excl. overnight stay & rental horse)
Groups 7 – 10 people, 390.- CHF/pers./2 days, (excl. overnight stay & rental horse)
Private 1 – 2 people, Dates and rates on request, (excl. overnight stay & rental horse)

Private coaching

Confidential and personal one-to-one coaching.

Come for two days to the beautiful Oberengadin and enjoy a time-out in a special environment. Discover the chances far away from daily life and experience an unusual animalistic change of perspective.

Please contact me for a personal consultation and individual planning.

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