Nurture. Lead. Form.

I have expected new inputs in leading learners and also myself. Those goals were totaly and completely fulfilled. I’m surprised how well the transformation from horsemanship to education of apprentices succeeded.

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Education: nurture, lead, form

Quiet. Calm. Creative.

Seminars for parents, teachers, instructors.

Bringing up children and training young adults count both as one of the biggest challenges of life. And to the most rewarding. But let’s not deceive ourselves. To exhibit incessantly mindfulness, exemplary function, mental and emotional fitness isn’t always easy. After dry theory from journals, internet, books it’s time to switch. Horses are tenacious and demand determination from us. And they teach us to educate and to lead in their way: completely natural.

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In the seminar ‘Education’ you develop your leadership qualities

  • Analyse leadership competence, respect, trust, perception.
  • Develop strategies and keys to success, strengthen your attitude and persuasiveness.
  • Convert emotional reactions into value-based actions.
  • Create a strong relationship through calmness and life schooling with a horse.

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Group seminars will be held if 4 - 6 english speaking participants are booked
Dates on request
4 – 6 people, 800.- CHF/pers./2 days (excl. overnight stay & rental horse)
Dates on request
1 – 2 people, dates and investment on request, (excl. overnight stay & rental horse)

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Topic days – Mental strength and calmness in educational daily life

1 + 2 days in Pontresina or in San Jon, in the Engadin.
Dates on request

Stay calm as parents and be relaxed and mentally fit to overcome the daily grind of a family successfully and at the same time take daily challenges with more joy. The seminar contains components of horsemanship and mental training, like autogenous training, recognises mental patterns and converts them. To grasp each other instead of misunderstanding.

A seminar for parents and teachers.


Groups 4 – 6 people, 150.- CHF/pers./1 day (excl. overnight stay & rental horse)
Private 1 – 2 Personen, Dates and Investment on request (excl. overnight stay & rental horse)

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