Life plus

The best is yet to come

You have shown us the way in a very humorous way and easy to understand for everyone. It was simply gorgeous!

Seminar participant
Life +: The best is yet to come

Wise. Powerful. Adventurous.

A seminar for the best part of your life

You have given everything in your job and private life. Now the best years of your life are still ahead. Fill this time with new consciousness and experience the world in a new light. Experience Life Plus! Contact with horses contains body, soul and spirit. You have a point there. Because these energy swanks are fine and sensitive companions on a journey to a new self from which you take lust for life and health. Jump into a new adventure: completely without riding experiences.

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The seminar ‘Life Plus’ is a kick for your life

  • Become active and enjoy valuable encounter – not only with horses.
  • New motivation, flexibility and safety.
  • Enrich life with positive information, other perception and new mental, emotional and physical possibilities.
  • Spend time in fresh nature with sociable contact: for more self-consciousness, health and joy for life.


(Dates will follow)


Groups 4 - 6 people, 490.- CHF/pers./2 days (excl. overnight stay & rental horse)

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